Mexico | Santuario Project Zempoalehuatl Reserve

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Mexico | Santuario Project Zempoalehuatl Reserve

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Region: Ixhuatlan, Veracruz
Altitude: 1,450 metres above sea level
Varietal: Bourbon Centennial
Process: Purple Honey
Producer: Rosa Maria Petra & The Santuario Project

This rare microlot from Mexico is strikingly fruity and floral, finding its place as one of the best coffees we have tasted this year. Building upon the skill and hard work of producer, Rosa Maria Petra, The Santuario Project has expertly processed this lot to deliver an exceptional coffee.  

Juicy and complex, this coffee has vibrant flavours of blueberries and glace cherry, giving way to delicate lavender notes

Recommended for all pour-over brew methods. 

Recommended recipe for pour over:

1. Use 20g of coffee, medium coarse. 300g of filtered water set to 93°C.
2. Bloom for 45 seconds with 50g, light circular pours.
3. First Pour: 100g in a heavy centralised pour (150g in total).
4. Second Pour: At 1:30 circular pour 75g (225g in total).
5. Third Pour: At 2 minutes, add 75g in a heavy centralised pour (300g in total).
6. Enjoy!

Origin Story
Named after the extremely tall and ancient Zempoalehuatl shade tree in the Veracruz region of Mexico, this lot is comprised of coffees from Rosa Maria Petra de Dios' farm, Yerbabuena and other producers from the region. The Bourbon Centennial varietal, grown in the Ixhuatlan region is an ancient varietal unique to this part of Mexico.

Working with artisans like Maria Rosa Petra reveals how special the coffee is in this part of Mexico, and why members of the Santuario Project seek to preserve the historic coffee-producing trees and communities.
In purple honey processing, the cherries are hand-picked only when they reach a certain sugar level. This can only be done properly by workers who are proud of the craft at the core of quality coffee. There is no room to cut corners. After harvesting, the cherries are transported into a tank where they are soaked in water for 8 hours before being depulped, leaving 75% of the mucilage on the seed.

The next step is unique to this type of processing as the coffee begins the aerobic fermentation in "Mossto", made from crushed coffee cherries, creating a juice rich with enzymes that break down the coffee’s mucilage. This can be tricky to get right, due to the delicate nature of fermentation. When done properly, it reveals desirable flavours that can lead to a spectacular cup. 

After soaking in the Mossto for 14 hours, the coffee is moved to raised beds, where it will dry in the open sun for 18 days, intermittently being sprayed with Mossto on Day 6 and Day 12. To complete drying and humidity stabilisation, the coffee then rests under shade for an additional 6 days.
About The Santuario Project
The Santuario Project was initiated in 2017 by Camilo Merizalde, working with producers from different origins. The goal of this project was to source high-quality coffee to supply premium markets throughout the world, teaching producers about new processing methods and the benefit of selling to these premium markets. One such producer is Rosa Maria Petra and her unique Bourbon Centennial coffee trees.