Nicaragua | Linda Vista

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Region: Jinotega
Altitude: 1,200-1,340 metres above sea level
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Producer: Oscar Nazareth Alonso Rivera

Our first Nicaraguan release since 2017, this origin has seen a period of political troubles that placed a strain on coffee farmers. Through it all, producers have weathered all types of adversity to keep their farms in production. 

Less funky than you would normally expect from anaerobic naturals, Linda Vista is crisp and clean with flavours of papaya and red date
. We have roasted this coffee to highlight its tropical fruit notes and delicate rose florals

Suited for all pour-over brew methods. 

Origin Story
Jinotega is a region synonymous with quality coffee. With its natural forest ecosystems, valleys, mountains and subtropical climate, the region has ideal growing conditions for some exceptional coffees. In Finca Linda Vista, coffee is grown in harmony with the natural forest environment. Intercropping of subsistence crops, such as banana, helps keep moisture in the soil, provides additional shade for the coffee and provides sustenance to workers in the field.

Blessed with a rich variety of natural woodland and intercropping of fruit trees, almost 100% of coffee cultivated at Finca Linda Vista is grown under shade. Forest cover is important for the coffee because it provides the right conditions for cultivation and provides benefits for the surrounding ecosystem.

Forest ecosystems reduce daytime air and soil temperatures, preserves humidity, improves soil health and helps prevent soil erosion. All this is achieved whilst sheltering coffee trees from the sun and wind. Oscar and his team are very aware of the need to maintain this relationship with the environment, which protects the diversity of the land and quality attributes of the coffee.