Peru | Perlamayo

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Peru | Perlamayo

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Region: Flor Del Norte, Cajamarca
Altitude: 1,900 metres above sea level
Varietal: Caturra & Bourbon
Process: Double fermentation/Washed
Certification: Organic
Producer: Luz Nelly Alarcón Estela
Awards: #5 in Peru Cup of Excellence 2019

Perlamayo is our first release from Peru's most recent harvest. Producer Luz Nelly's skill and diligence shines in this washed lot from the Cajamarca region of Peru. Perlamayo is fresh and versatile—think of dried fruit flavours of apricot, mixed berries, and balanced by caramel sweetness.

As an espresso or cortado, look out for creamy chocolate notes, raspberry jam, and a syrupy body

Recommended for Espresso machine, stove top, pour-over, Aeropress and French Press.

Origin Story
Perlamayo is named after the origin of the seeds grown on the farm. Luz Nelly purchased the farm in 2016 when it was just one hectare and it has since doubled in size, with improvements such as soil and water conservation.

Work on the farm is never ending and Luz's passion is reflected in her drive to innovate, becoming more specialised in every aspect of production. In 2017, she upgraded her processing facility by utilising tanks and tubs for fermentation and washing, with an expansive drying area and warehouses to store parchment. Luz also carefully manages the processing times and regularly trials new methods to improve quality.
At Perlamayo, harvest begins with the cherries being selectively handpicked, before being floated in cool clean water to remove any low-density cherries. Luz then ferments the cherries in bags for 2 days on site. This allows for the careful breakdown of the external mucilage. Next, the coffee is pulped and fermented once more in tanks for an additional 3 days. Once complete, the coffee is washed three times to remove any remaining mucilage or foreign material before being evenly dispersed to dry on raised beds. The coffee remains here until the ideal moisture content is reached, typically taking up to 30 days.
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