Seasonal Espresso Blend

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Seasonal Espresso Blend

Regular price $20.00

El Bosque 70%
Villa Canales, Amatitlán - Guatemala
Bourbon, Caturra, and Pache varietals | Washed process

Kangunu 30%
Runyenjes, Embu - Kenya
SL28 and Batian varietals | Washed process

A well-rounded blend with classic notes of chocolate fudge, almonds and currant jam. Delivers a balanced espresso with full sweetness and mellow acidity. 

This blend combines two in-season coffees from Guatemala's western highlands and Kenya's Murang'a county. El Bosque (Guatemala) adds characteristic nutty and creamy chocolate notes blending beautifully with the velvety texture of Kangunu (Kenya).

Recommended for espresso machine, stove top and French Press.

About El Bosque, Guatemala
El Bosque from Guatemala was founded in 1932 on a small plot of land in Guatemala’s western highlands. Today, the family-run farm is managed by four brothers of the Flores family, Julio, José, Francisco and Mario, who are 3rd generation coffee farmers. The farm is named El Bosque (meaning "the forest") because of the large beautiful shade trees that lie around the farm.

This lot from El Bosque adds rich chocolatey notes and body to the espresso with a creamy mouthfeel, that lingers with a hint of fruity acidity.
About Kangunu, Kenya
This coffee was grown by smallholder farmers living in and around the Kangunu Factory in Kenya's Murang'a County. Factories such as Kangunu serve as community washing stations where producers deliver coffee cherries direct from their farms. In these areas, cherries are handpicked and sorted by hand to separate the ripe and unripe ones. This process is painstaking but ultimately determines the clean and elegant cup profile Kenyan coffee is known for.

Kangunu's cup profile lends this espresso blend a delicate sweetness, with notes of currants and a jammy finish.