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Region: San Ignacio, Cajamarca
Altitude: 1,750 metres above sea level
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Washed, 48 hours fermentation in open tanks
Producer: Silvestre Llanos & Family

This year, we are excited to be working with Silvestre and his family - hardworking producers behind our new Peruvian offering. This lot stands out for its exceptionally clean and layered flavour profile.

Notes of caramelised almond provide a comforting backdrop to this coffee. Jammy apple compote and golden sultana add sweetness with a mellow acidity to the cup. 

Recommended for espresso machine, stovetop, pour-over and cold brew.

Origin Story
“I have grown with the coffee plant”, says Silvestre when asked to share his motivations for coffee cultivation. His honest expression typifies the character of the coffee grower, and how the histories of both are inextricably linked. Silvestre's experience and respect for the farming tradition allows him to produce high-quality coffees season after season.

The community of Nuevo Trujillo (where this lot comes from) is covered by cloud forests where highland clouds meet with the jungle and is populated with large trees species, such as cedar, “laurel” and “romerillo”.

In addition to their coffee farm, Silvestre and Olga also run a small store selling vegetables and other produce from their farm to their neighbors.

Silvestre harvests his cherries during the day and de-pulps them in the afternoon/evening. He then leaves the parchment to ferment in open cement tanks for 48 hours, regularly checking the fermentation progress. At the end of fermentation, the coffee is washed using clean water from the nearby stream. The coffee is dried under shade on wooden platforms for 15-20 days.