Brazil | Ipanema Anima Verde B68

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Brazil | Ipanema Anima Verde B68

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Region: Serra Da Mantiqueira, Minas Gerais
Altitude: 1,142 - 1,156 metres above sea level
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon
Process: Natural and dried on raised beds
Producer: Gomes Fernandes Family

Black cherry, plum and damson jam. Silky mouthfeel, caramel sweetness and soft acidity. This coffee is recommended for Espresso machine, stove top, pour-over, Aeropress and French Press.

Origin Story
This smooth and syrupy micro-lot was grown by the Gomes Fernandes family on their farm, Fazenda Rio Verde located in the Mantiqueira mountains in South-eastern Brazil. Featuring jammy black cherry notes with a light acidity, the cup has exceptional sweetness and mouthfeel.

Fazenda Rio Verde is a true fauna and flora sanctuary with its 773 hectares covered by natural forests, waterfalls, springs and a complex ecosystem that represent the lush beauty of the Mantiqueira mountains. Cultivation of coffee in this area can be traced back to 1887 when the first coffee plantation was established. Over the years, the farm (the oldest of three farms under the Ipanema Coffees group) has been leading innovation and sustainability efforts, embracing advanced technology and equipment to improve coffee production.

Lot B68 is part of the Premier Cru program where the highest altitude lots produced on the farm are hand-picked and separately processed lot-by-lot. The farm is divided into 69 individual plots (known as 'glebes'), and the best 32 glebes were selected for the Anima Verde project. These lots were harvested and processed as unique lots which are identified by a code (e.g. B68, in this case). The letter B refers to the coffee variety (Yellow Bourbon) and the number (68) refers to one of the 32 glebes.
During harvest, the cherries arrive to the wet mill where they are put through a washer and sorter machine to separate the best cherries according to weight, size and colour.

After the cherries are sorted, the natural processed coffees go directly to the drying phase where the cherries are pre-dried on raised beds for 88 hours and finish off drying on vertical mechanical dryers for 139 hours.

The producers' attention to detail is admirable. Prior to shipment, all coffees are bagged using a specialised vacuum packaging solution that introduces nitrogen to keep the coffee fresh for an extended period of time.