Colombia | El Embrujo Pink Bourbon

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Region: Anserma, Caldas
Altitude: 1,700 - 1,850 metres above sea level
Varietals: Pink Bourbon 
Process: Natural
Producer: Ignacio Rodriguez
Sourcing Partner: Falcon Coffees

Notes of Panela Sugar, Pink Grapefruit and Mango with Orange Blossom on the finish. 

This is our first Pink Bourbon release from Colombia, a unique variety prized for its tropical fruit and floral notes.

Delicate in texture and complex flavour profile, with distinct vibrancy that is characteristic of Pink Bourbon. The cup showcases an intense sugar cane sweetness balanced with abundant tropical acidity. 

Recommended for all pour-over brew methods.

Origin Story
This lot comes from Finca La Palmera, a family farm established by Don Octavio Rodriguez, who purchased the first 12 hectares back in 1969. Through the years, he continued expanding the farm while also pursuing his career as a medical doctor and hospital director.

Today the farm is 170 hectares and headed by Don Octavio's son, Ignacio who is driving efforts to improve quality by introducing newer agricultural methods and processing. We are proud to feature El Embrujo's Pink Bourbon, a coffee that is very clean and sweet with an underlying complexity that is sure to excite. 

During the harvest, after the cherries are handpicked, they are delivered to the mill to be processed the same day. The cherries are floated in a tank of water to remove lower quality floaters, and then transferred to moving belts where staff pick out any unripe or damaged cherries. They are then placed in crates and transported to the warehouse, where they undergo fermentation for roughly 40 hours.

Next, the cherries dry in mechanical dryers, where the temperature is stabilized and maintained at 38°C. Using mechanical dryers allows for a controlled and even drying. As soon as drying is complete, the coffee is hulled and placed in bags to rest prior to export.