Seasonal Espresso Blend

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Seasonal Espresso Blend

Regular price $20.00

La Esperanza 60%
La Coipa, Cajamarca - Peru
Caturra, Typica, Gesha and Bourbon varietals| Washed process

Sitio Pinhalzinho 40%
Mogiana, Sao Paulo - Brazil
Yellow Catuaí varietal | Natural process

Balanced and sweet with notes of almond, red apples and honey. This dependable blend delivers full bodied sweetness with mellow acidity.

We have crafted our new espresso blend using a coffee from Peru, which imparts rich sweetness and silky texture, and a coffee from Brazil that adds almond nuttiness and stable body to the cup.

Brews wonderfully for espresso machine, stove top and French Press.

About La Esperanza, Peru
This coffee comes to us from Esmerita Vazquez's farm, La Esperanza which lies in the north of Peru, nestled away in the high altitudes of the Andes mountain range. The farm sits at about 1,850 metres above sea level and apart from growing local varieties such as Caturra and Bourbon, Esmerita also produces a small amount of Gesha on her farm.

Harvest season in this region spans from June to October and coffee processing makes use of techniques passed down from generation to generation. This lot utilises the washed process, which begins with the cherries being handpicked and then floated for density, depulped, then fermented in sacks for 36 hours. After fermentation, the coffee is washed three times to remove all remaining mucilage and drained of any excess water. It is spread on raised drying beds for 10-15 days until the desired moisture content is reached.
About Sitio Pinhalzinho, Brazil
Its counterpart, Sitio Pinhalzinho comes to us from Sergio Luis Riccetto in Mogiana, Brazil. When Sergio first acquired Sitio Pinhalzinho in 2004, he recognised immediately the area's favourable growing conditions. With careful and attentive cultivation, the estate has grown to accommodate varietals such as Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai and Mundo Novo.

Sergio adopts a practice where each season, he separates 2 hectares of his estate for pruning and rest. This allows the trees a period of rejuvenation, enabling a stronger and more productive crop in the subsequent season.

This lot was naturally processed. Upon harvest, cherries are sorted and then spread evenly over patios to dry until they reach a moisture content of 12% or lower. Careful and attentive drying is an important element that contributes to stability and long-lasting quality. Sergio’s dedication to his craft and respect for the land inspires us and we are incredibly proud to celebrate his achievements with you.