Wilfa Svart Aroma Grinder

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A great burr grinder can help to bring out the best in your coffee - by keeping your grind consistent and maximising the flavours of your brew. This little machine is responsible for so much of the transformation that happens in the cup.

Equipped with conical burrs and adjustable grind settings, the Wilfa Svart is easy to use and a true workhorse. Choose between grind levels for a variety of brewing methods including:

  • stovetop
  • Aeropress
  • pour-over
  • French Press
  • MoccaMaster (or any automatic drip coffee maker)
  • cold brew

The Wilfa Svart comes with a hopper that holds up to 250g of coffee beans and a DC motor that grinds efficiently and evenly. Finished in matte black, this grinder will sit proudly in any part of your kitchen. 

Note: The Wilfa Svart does not grind for espresso.

Additional Information
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 28x17x13cm
  • Voltage: 220~240V
  • Standard 3-pin plug
  • 5 year guarantee

  • Warranty
    This product is sold with a five-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of its purchase. If during this period of warranty, the product proves to be defective due to improper materials or workmanship, we will without charge for labour or parts, repair or replace the product. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, accidental damage or misuse.

    This warranty will be granted only when the original invoice or order confirmation is presented together with the defective product.