Peru | Puente Solaya

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Region: Callayuc, Cajamarca
Altitude: 1,800 - 2,000 metres above sea level
Varietal: Caturra, Pache
Process: Washed, 48 hours fermentation in open tanks
Producer: 15 smallholder producers
Sourcing Partner: Cultivar Peru

For our second Peruvian offering of the season, we bring you a beautifully fruited coffee with notes of fig, currant and caramel sweetness. Elegant and juicy. 

Recommended for espresso machine, stovetop, pour-over and cold brew.

Origin Story
The northern part of Peru, thanks to the Andes mountain range and its proximity to the equator, has a warm climate, fertile lands and dense vegetation. It is an area with rich cultural traditions that the population has managed to preserve up till today. In that northern area, the Cajamarca region stands out for its diversity in geography, ranging from Andean ecosystems to high-altitude forests of great beauty. 

The Puente Solaya micro-lot comes from the Callayuc district in the Cutervo province, where cultivation of coffee is recent, especially in the populated centers. In Spanish, ‘puente’ means bridge and Solaya is the hill separating the two communities where this lot was sourced. This hill is a great metaphor of a link, a nexus, a bridge (“puente'') between both communities that share potential for great coffee and warm hospitality.

This lot was harvested in June-September 2022 and processed using the washed method. After the cherries were de-pulped, they ferment for 48+ hours. At the end of fermentation, the coffee is washed using clean water from the nearby stream. The coffee is dried under shade for 15 days.