Cata in Spanish means tasting session, and it defines a key element in our approach towards sourcing and evaluating our coffees. 

At the core, we are a family of coffee roasters, buyers and retailers with a deep respect for coffee's place in our culture and community. Our roastery in Singapore opened in May 2016, headed by Marian Aguilar, whose family used to be green coffee producers while growing up in the Andes region of Venezuela. Marian has worked across the coffee industry, from harvesting in coffee estates to roasting, operations and training in contemporary cafes and restaurants.  

Apart from roasting for wholesale and retail, we also provide different levels of training and workshops. We cater to both consumers wishing to learn more about the craft of coffee and businesses that want their coffee to shine.  

We are a small team of individuals, with deeply held beliefs in the potential of coffee for good. If you are like us, coffee is a way of life, an experience to cherish and treasure.