Our Approach

At Cata, we follow an approach that emphasises seasonality because we have learned that freshness always matters. Coffee as a perishable crop is harvested at different times of the year, depending on the growing region. Seasonality in our sourcing means we strive to deliver coffee to you at its peak quality in terms of flavour, aroma and sensory experience.

We sample roast and cup multiple lots throughout the year, to ensure that the green coffee that we purchase fulfils our definition of quality.   
Every batch of green coffee we buy has a unique way it wants to express itself in terms of its potential. As roasters, our goal is to preserve the positive attributes of each coffee, honouring the hard work that has gone into producing the green beans.

We favour an approach that prioritises roast development. This means that we apply heat gradually until the bean is cooked through, and all its characteristics are developed. Our goal is to bring out coffee’s inherent sweetness and reveal the unique attributes of its origin, terroir and processing method.  
We are a small-batch roastery. This allows us to implement a range of roasting profiles to suit our diverse collection of coffee offerings. It also allows us to minimise wastage because we roast all orders according to demand. We roast 3 times a week in our roastery and orders are shipped the following day. 
Cupping is how we evaluate and select our coffees for quality and consistency. As roasters, we cup extensively and it forms an indispensable part of our quality ethos. Green coffee is a highly variable product affected by factors such as temperature, humidity and ageing. By adopting strict cupping protocols, we are attuned to any changes in flavour profiles, consistency and balance.    
We are conscious of the waste that is produced when we sell our coffee. That is why we have recently changed our packaging approach. 

We use Biotre 1.0 packaging for our 250g and 500g bags. They are 60% compostable and made from renewable plant-based materials, offering excellent barrier protection and sustainability. All of our cardboard boxes used during shipment are made from recycled paper and are fully recyclable.

We continue to explore packaging formats for our 1kg bag option that reduce overall materials and support recycling.