What you’ll need



Coffee Weight


Water Weight


Brew Time


Water Temperature


Grind Size


Extraction Yield




Step 1:

Place filter paper in the coffee dripper and rinse with hot water to preheat the cup.  


Step 2:

Empty out the hot water and add 15g of freshly ground coffee. Gently tap to level out the bed of coffee. Grind size should be medium, which is roughly the consistency of table salt.

Step 3:

Bloom: Gently pour 30g of water (at 92°C) making sure to fully saturate the coffee grounds. This should take about 30 seconds. Allow another 30 seconds for the coffee to bloom.


Step 4:

First pour: At 60 seconds, gently pour in a circular motion, aiming for the centre and moving outwards slowly until you reach 125g. This pour should take about 25 seconds. 

Second pour: Rest for 15 seconds and finish by gently pouring until you reach 240g on your scale. In all, it should take about 2:40 to finish pouring. 

Step 5:

Wait for coffee to drain completely. The total brewing time is 3:20 for about 200ml of coffee to be fully extracted.