What you’ll need



Coffee Weight


Water Weight


Brew Time


Water Temperature


Grind Size


Extraction Yield

Approx 420ml



Step 1:

Place filter paper in dripper. 


Step 2:

Rinse with hot water to preheat the dripper. Empty out the hot water before adding coffee. 

Step 3:

Add 30g of freshly ground coffee to the dripper and gently tap to level out the bed of coffee. Grind size should be medium-coarse.


Step 4:

First pour: Place dripper on your scale. Start timer and slowly pour 80g of water (at 92°C) over the grounds in a circular clockwise motion. This first pour should take about 30 seconds. Then let the coffee rest until 1:00 on your timer.

Second pour: Finish your pour by adding water until you reach a final weight of 480g on your scale

Step 5:

Place the lid back on and let it brew until 4:00 on your timer.

Step 6:

At 4:00 on your timer, remove dripper from scale and place it over a pre-heated mug to decant entirely. The coffee should take about 1:30 to drain completely. Serve and enjoy.