What you’ll need

  • French Press (12oz)
  • Scale
  • Grinder
  • Freshly ground coffee
  • Filtered water
  • Water kettle
  • Timer



Coffee Weight


Water Weight


Brew Time


Water Temperature


Grind Size


Extraction Yield




Step 1:

Start by preheating your French Press with hot water. Insert the plunger and let it rest for about 30 seconds.


Step 2:

Empty out the hot water and add 15g of freshly ground coffee to your French Press. Grind size should be medium.

Step 3:

Start the timer and pour water evenly over the grounds. Fill water to the top (240ml).


Step 4:

Give it a good stir to optimise the extraction. Place the lid back on and wait.

Step 5:

At 4 minutes, take the lid off and remove the crust with two spoons. 


Step 6:

Place the lid back on and press the plunger down slowly all the way to the bottom.


Step 7:

With lid firmly in place, pour into a mug or server. Voilà!