What you’ll need


Step 1:

Put your kettle on and start boiling the water. Grind an amount of coffee that will fill your stovetop’s filter basket, using a medium-fine coffee grind. Aim for a consistent grind to attain best results. 


Step 2:

Fill the bottom chamber of your stovetop with water that is just off the boil, stopping when it reaches just below the valve.


Step 3:

Fill your stovetop’s filter basket with freshly ground coffee and level the surface. Then place the filter basket into the bottom chamber. 


Step 4:

Using a tea towel, screw the top and bottom part of the stovetop together. Make sure to exercise caution because the bottom chamber will be hot. Then place the stovetop on the stove, using medium to high heat. 


Step 5:

Once you hear a gurgling/hissing sound, turn off the fire and wait for the coffee to finish brewing. Serve and enjoy.