notNeutral | Vero Cortado, Amber

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High-performance cafeware.

notNeutral brings together performance and design to create innovative products for coffee culture and design enthusiasts.

Traditionally served in a bar glass, a cortado is larger than a macchiato and smaller than a cappuccino. The Vero Cortado glass has exaggerated facets for a more modern appearance, as well as technical improvements for specialty coffee.

Additional Information
  • Colour: Amber
  • Capacity: 4.25oz/125ml
  • Dishwasher- and microwave-safe
  • Made in USA
Brand Story
notNeutral was founded in 2001 by the award-winning multidisciplinary design firm RIOS. Based in Los Angeles, their design approach is centered on customers and the industry they serve. They consider how to make ordinary objects easier to use, more beautiful, and more effortlessly integrated into people’s daily lives.

notNeutral entered the world of specialty coffee after collaborating with world-champion baristas to design the perfect cups for an increasingly sophisticated craft. Driven by the success of their iconic Lino collection, they've made it their mission to continue creating extraordinary products for specialty coffee and hospitality industries, informed by research, testing, and rigorous design.