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Region: Las Pirias, Chirinos
Altitude: 1,800-2,000 metres above sea level
Varietal: Pache, Catuai, Caturra, Typica
Process: Natural
Producer: Eli Espinoza Soberon
Awards: Peru Cup of Excellence 2020, #8
Sourcing Partner: Falcon Coffees Asia

We're starting Peruvian season with a natural process lot from producer Eli Espinoza's farm, La Palma. Eli's entry placed #8 at the 2022 Peru Cup of Excellence scoring an incredible 88.73 points and was recognised as the finest natural process coffee in Peru that year. 

Impeccable cup clarity and elegant balance. Expect juicy fruit complexity with notes of cranberry alongside a bed of almond nougat and chocolate mousse

Recommended for all pour-over brew methods.

Origin Story
Eli Espinoza is the owner of 4 hectares of coffee in the village of Las Pirias in Chirinos. Eli came to the area as a teenager looking for work on farms, and he started out picking coffee in the village. After some time working and saving, he was able to buy his own land and a house, and started producing his own coffee.

Today, Elí has a few parcels of land spread across the village, some planted mostly with typica, others with caturra and bourbon (only a small section has geishas).

Chirinos is a district in the province of San Ignacio and is one of the most well-known areas for quality coffee in Peru. Chirinos is well connected to nearby cities, with new roads and a thriving town, which serves as a hub for coffee buying and trade. Whilst the coffee landscape in Chirinos is still dominated by middlemen and FTO certifications, there is a growing interest in specialty coffee and some of the biggest cooperatives in the area have been promoting quality for a number of years.
Silvestre harvests his cherries during the day and de-pulps them in the afternoon/evening. He then leaves the parchment to ferment in open cement tanks for 48 hours, regularly checking the fermentation progress. At the end of fermentation, the coffee is washed using clean water from the nearby stream. The coffee is dried under shade on wooden platforms for 15-20 days.