Seasonal Espresso Blend

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Seasonal Espresso Blend

Regular price $20.00

Finca La Piña 50%
San Ignacio, Cajamarca - Peru
Yellow Caturra variety | Washed process

Finca El Cedro 50%
San Ignacio, Cajamarca - Peru
Bourbon & Typica varieties | Washed process

Caramel, dates with light citrus notes. Full bodied with mellow acidity. This coffee produces delicious and sweet espressos.

Recommended for espresso machine, stove top, French Press and milk-based cold brew.

Origin Story

Our current seasonal espresso blend is made up of 2 Peruvian coffees from the district of La Coipa in Northern Peru. The coffee was harvested from La Piña and El Cedro farms, owned by Martín Santos and Tomás Bueno, respectively. Both farms produce the varieties of Yellow Caturra, Bourbon and Typica on their plots. Both coffee was grown at high altitudes, giving it a caramel-like sweetness and desirable acidity.

Coffees from La Piña and El Cedro farms are certified organic.

During the harvest, coffee is selectively handpicked with only the ripest cherries being harvested at each pass. The coffee is pulped on the same day that it is picked using a mechanical or hand turned pulper, located on the farm itself. After pulping, they are transferred to a tank to ferment for around 30 hours (due to the very low ambient temperature at this altitude) before being washed in pure water.

After being pre-dried on patios or tarpaulins, the clean parchment will be spread out to dry for around 20 days. The parchment is turned regularly for slow and even drying until humidity reaches 11.5%.

We are delighted to be roasting coffees from these two farms this season. We hope you will enjoy the caramel and citrusy flavours this coffee offers and we look forward to bringing you more exciting coffees from Peru in the near future.