CAFEC Flower Dripper

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Recreate a pour-over coffee experience at home with the Flower Dripper by CAFEC. 

The Flower Dripper has deep, and wide ridges incorporated into its inner wall which allow the proper expansion of ground coffee when it comes in contact with water. Water circulates smoothly and filters out from the dripper without causing over-steeping. The result is a clean, balanced and flavourful cup of coffee. 

CAFEC Flower Dripper is compatible with CAFEC Abaca Filter Paper. 

CAFEC Flower Dripper Details:

Material: Arita porcelain / AS resin

Colours: White / Pink / Yellow / Green / Blue

1 Cup (Small) – for 1 cup of coffee (dose: 12 - 15g) 
4 Cup (Large) – for 2 to 4 cups of coffee (dose: 15 – 30g)

Care: Dishwasher-safe

Brew Guide:

See our CAFEC Flower Dripper Brew Guide for brewing tips.